Simply Molecular® Products

G-SphereG-Sphere® Molecular Standards
Molecular diagnostics have long-suffered from a lack of high quality, standardized control materials. Phthisis’ solution to this problem is the G-Sphere® Molecular Standard product line. Molecular Standards for a number of organisms are available now, with new organisms being added regularly. Custom orders made to your specifications are also available.

E-SphereE-Sphere® Extractions
Nucleic acid extraction kits have historically been complex and time-consuming. Phthisis introduces a new way to extract samples. Fast & Easy!

E-Sphere® UNEX Buffer
E-Sphere® UNEX Buffer is a universal nucleic acid extraction (UNEX) buffer that is used to extract DNA and RNA from viruses, bacteria, and parasites from enteric, environmental, and food samples.  This buffer was developed by CDC and is now available for purchase from Phthisis Diagnostics.

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